Student Learning

Student Learning

Student Learning at Woodstock School

Woodstock is an English-medium school that teaches all Grades from K to 12 under a curriculum that leads to the Indian Mark Sheet and the American High School Diploma. We offer a range of Advanced Placement Examinations, approved by the US College Board, and UK Cambridge IGCSE examinations. 

The Academic Year

The school year begins in August and extends to June of the next year. The long holiday comes in winter, from mid-December to early February. The academic year is divided into quarters. Students are expected to return home for the summer and winter holidays and parents are encouraged, when possible, to visit Woodstock during the four-day quarter breaks in October and April. Academic reports are sent to parents following each quarter, and parent-teacher meetings are held on the first day of school following each quarter break.

Contents of This Section

Desired Learning Outcomes

Learning at Woodstock should not be restricted to the students; we are all part of a learning community, and these outcomes should be built into all of our work - teaching, staff development, planning and other activities.
General Information

General information about academics at Woodstock.
Senior School

Senior School information, and a list of courses offered.
Junior School

The Junior School includes Pre School, Kindergarten and Grades 1 to 6.

Woodstock is rightly proud of its extensive music programme, offering a wide range of individual tuition and ensembles in both Western Classical, Jazz and Indian traditions.
Student Support

Woodstock provides a range of services to enable students to fulfil their potential.
English as a Second Language

The English as a Second Language (ESL) programme is designed to help learners to master the necessary English speaking, listening comprehension, reading and writing language skills to succeed in Woodstock's rigorous academic environment.