Residence Life

Residence Life

Many of our alumni regard the years spent sharing their lives with friends from other cultures, countries and religions as among their most formative. Residence life is eating, working and playing together; building relationships; sharing Maggi noodles and just hanging out. Residence staff are there to help that growth — from sponging cuts and drying tears, to sitting late into the night exploring life issues. Follow the links to read about the various residences, and the staff who work there.


A ten-minute walk above the academic area with a spectacular view of the Doon Valley, Edgehill Dorm is comfortably situated in the Landour hills of Mussoorie. It is currently home to 43 boys and girls from Grades 3-6.
Community Centre

Opened in February 2000, the newly-renovated building lies about five-minutes' walk above the main campus, and is currently home to Grade 6 boys.
Alter Ridge

A four-storied round building, this residence is a distinctive landmark on the Woodstock campus. Grade 7-9 girls live on its three floors and love the cozy and homely feeling its circular shape brings.

Ridgewood houses boys of Grades 7-9, approximately 90 in all. This residence is located below the school, next to the Grades 7-9 girls' residence.

Sitting on the crest of a hill, this 170-year-old landmark was transformed in 2003 into a very modern and luxuriously furnished accommodation for 132 girls from Grades 10-12.

Hostel has recently undergone a complete renovation and now houses boys from Grades 10-12.