The Hanifl Centre

The Hanifl Centre

An Himalayan Education- An Unforgettable Adventure- 

A Life Changing Experience



The Hanifl Centre for Outdoor Education and Environmental Study was initially built to extend Woodstock School’s curriculum and to provide a facility and a programme through which students can learn about the Himalaya and develop their skills and knowledge in outdoor education. It continues to contribute to the sustainable development of the region by transmitting an appreciation and understanding of the Himalayan environment to future leaders from around the world. Schools, colleges and universities from around the world visit the Hanifl Centre for semester-long programmes.

Activities and Programmes

We make the best use of our unique environment by providing a variety of educational and environmentally conscious programmes; from organising and outfitting treks of different levels of difficulty in the Indian Himalaya, enabling village home-stays, facilitating service projects at our Turner organic farm, to arranging rafting trips on the Ganges and group retreats. Every year, the Hanifl Centre runs a highly subsidised, two-week long Trek Leaders course for local youth which is taught in Hindi.. The Hanifl Centre also hosts literary and arts festivals annually.


Hanifl Centre is a very practical facility designed as a model for environmentally friendly building components: a passive solar space-heating system and an active solar water-heating system. The building accommodates up to 32 adults in bunk beds in the dormitory unit and has four guest rooms with attached bathrooms. A spacious conference room, resource library, computer lab, dining room, kitchen and equipment storage room are part of the conveniences provided. Above the main building is the Burgoyne campground with its own kitchen/barbecue area and western toilets. The picturesque Dr R.L. Fleming Nature Trail and the Fairy Glen campground are natural classrooms with easy access to the Hanifl Centre.

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